A day of peace in the life of an African village

An African-European symphonic suite


Music composed by Dimitri Arnauts

Illustrated by schoolchildren

from Uganda and Belgium


World Premiere in Brussels, date tbc


About the work


The work evokes the atmosphere and events of daily life as they could happen on a single peaceful day in an Ugandan rural village, in a highly idealised manner. It follows the course of the day in chronological order, from dawn to nightfall. It comprises an overture and two main parts of 8 movements each, totaling about 80 minutes of music.


The omnipresent nature, the community life in the village and primary school life are the main themes of the work. The overture is thematically set apart, as it evokes the subject of war and peace.


This work is written for both a symphonic orchestra in the European tradition, and for an ensemble of traditional African instruments, being African flutes, harps, lyres and various percussions. The concert will be accompanied and illustrated by visual artwork from Belgian and Ugandan schoolchildren.


Soon more concert info...

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