Six parts exploring space and form

Music composed by Dimitri Arnauts


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24 movements of new music, exploring the possible relationships and permutations between ancient musical forms (fugues, canons and chorales) and their layout in performance space... the number six as a basis for every movement.


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Numeral or number prefixes are prefixes derived from numerals or occasionally other numbers, hexa being derived from the Greek number six.

There are two principal systems, taken from Latin and Greek, each with several subsystems.




In ancient Roman culture, the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings within the semantic field of "play, game, sport, training"


An elementary or primary school attended by boys and girls up to the age of 11 was a ludus.  Students were taught maths, reading, writing, poetry, geometry and sometimes rhetoric.


Latin poetry often explores the concept of ludus as playfulness, in the writing of poetry, as a kind of play


Ludi, always plural, were the games held in conjunction with Roman religious festivals


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