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  • BRUSSELS 01.07.2015 Launch of www.dimitriarnauts.com

    www.dimitriarnauts.com is now online! Web visitors can enjoy the clear layout and the simple structure of the info on the site.


    There are multiple contact and feedback options, some audio files to listen to and image galleries from past concerts.


    With time, video concert footage will be added and perhaps also a small web shop to order recordings of the composers' works.


    Additional relevant domain names have been reserved.



  • BRUSSELS 01.07.2015 A new oratorio: search for sponsors or partners

    What have we done with that what was entrusted, given to us?


    Nearing completion, my latest oratorio, How long still? (in Dutch) is a musical contribution to worldwide efforts to preserve the splendor of God's work, and to support the rise of a new consciousness about our responsibility towards nature. Based both on personal as well as on Biblical texts, this oratorio aims to revive our fatigued sensibility towards other beings, through a depiction of all the harm that has already been inflicted upon the wonders of our planet.


    The work will require a large orchestra, a mixed choir and 4 vocal soloists. It could be ideally staged in the framework of a benefit concert to support an ecological cause.


    I'm currently searching for sponsors, maecenate and for musical ensembles who would be interested in premiering it. Interested organisations dedicated to the preservation and defense of nature and wildlife can contact me via the contact options of this website, to see if a synergy can be found to organise a benefit concert to support their cause.



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