HUMBLE MEMORIES MUSIC & TEXTS BY DIMITRI ARNAUTS PREMIERED ON 7 MAY 2O18 BOZAR BRUSSELS EMMY WILS TIM MULLEMAN piano playing on the CHRIS MAENE STRAIGHT STRUNG GRAND PIANO AURELIEN DONY reciter EMANUEL PARENT image YANNICK WILLOX sound DRIES TEUWEN camera assistant MICHAEL ARNAUTS executive production HUMBLE MEMORIES was brought to you by: Thanks also to: BOZAR Did you like my music? Then, please also consider giving to the following trusted Belgian charity: LIGHT FOR THE WORLD  JE FAIS UN DON  IK DOE EEN GIFT For gifts via direct transfer: BE95 523O 4O29 2158 Light for the World Karreveldlaan 12, 1O8O Brussels +32 2 415 97 O5 • info@lightfortheworld.be Please mention: 'Humble Memories' THANK YOU !
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